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So why can he not find her? While entertaining at a child's birthday party, a young woman becomes embroiled in the secrets of suburbia. The International Marketing Incident. An uptight assistant in the International Marketing department of a major Hollywood movie studio has to overcome his natural insecurities when his roommate is accused of murder.

Sixteen-year-old Ephraim begins his pickpocketing apprenticeship, mentored by a notorious criminal, the Pale Shadow. When a controversial specimen is taken from a locked vault, every scientist is a suspect. When an elderly birdwatcher witnesses a murder, the killer sets out to eliminate him. But the hunter picks the wrong prey. Mrs Walker hates Christmas parties, but when one of the guests dies, the party becomes a lot more interesting than she bargained for.

Elizabeth enjoys the simple things in life, such as diamonds, Prada and chauffeurs — earned them all with hard work. But Elizabeth has been kidnapped by two men who want what she has. Except Elizabeth is much more than a tough negotiator. A life is at stake and Hal and three friends must take extreme measures or the blood will be on their hands.

But is it guilt that drives them, or something else? When a failed history professor falls in love with a bad witch he discovers that sometimes fortune does favor the bold. At least for a while. In the s, a young woman returns to her Appalachian town to avenge her father's murder. What happens when two famous authors discuss the existence of ghosts at dinner in a London flat and they are joined by a noted third female author.

Ever considered writing Sherlockian pastiche? Here are some thoughts to ponder. Sherlock Holmes must discover who murdered a man. But first, he must discover who murdered a pig. The part-time yoga instructor at an active retirement community is murdered in a fellow resident's apartment. In a Victorian London substantially different from the one we know, no consulting sleuth is as extraordinary as Ponder Wright, the mechanical detective.

Yet even his wits are tested by a murder where the suspects are all automatons. Watson investigate the deadly occurrences plaguing a production of Macbeth. They said doing time was like a river. But a river was forgotten in the ocean. Paying for the past was nothing like a river. An interview with a blogger brings back some horrifying memories for the daughter of a deceased crime writer with a cult following. Bonnie is in love with a man she's never met, but she sees him on camera every time he drives through one of Florida's toll gates. She tries to think of ways they can be together, but can't do anything about it until his wife finally disappears.

Getting into the mob is easy, it's having a good plan to get out that's hard. How Mrs. Hitt was a satisfied customer of her mysterious hit man. Then Detective Snapp threatened to ruin everything. A stranger arrives in a town and finds himself embroiled in corruption and murder. In Victorian London, private enquiry agent Adam Cole races to track down a killer who taunts and terrorizes with disturbing photographs of his victims, taken both before and after death.

At the height of the Renaissance, a shrewd churchman takes extraordinary steps to protect his family's good name from scandal. Junior diplomat Casey Collins volunteers to work in a war-torn country and her nature gives her only two ways to manage the risk. Go numb and avoid trouble.

Or live life with every nerve end tingling …. Walter hates dirty cops and has already executed justice on three of them. Now it's time for a corrupt judge to pay. A homeless man comes into possession of skeleton key that has special powers. The man uses the key to improve his situation but it seems he talked too much to the wrong person. Decades ago two strangers made mad love; he never knew she killed herself that same day Some people are very good at their jobs.

Just as long the instructions are kept nice and simple …. A madcap Edwardian supernatural romp through a vast and ancient manor house. Who killed Sir Reginald Gastleigh? Who, indeed? A crime fiction writer, frustrated with his mountain of rejection slips, kidnaps a magazine editor and unwittingly discovers what true crime is all about. The horrible movie adaptation of Robert Caldwell's novel killed his literary career. But Jason Stearne wonders if Caldwell's revenge got him murdered.

The mysterious death of a retired fortune teller. Is it murder? Or something else? Uncle Charlie usually refuses to loan out money, but when he does you better not renege. Even his favourite nephew was not immune. A blind man is the only witness to a murder. Detectives sort through the clues he provides. A show-down at a small tavern defines characters on both sides of the gun control issue..

Artist, Tru Jameson, gets in deep when he answers the call of a friend who ran away with the circus. Evie's partner in her knife-throwing act has disappeared and she asks Tru for back up in finding the rumored, illicit after-hours show. A cell of the Melbourne mafia meet to discuss the issue of a recalcitrant member.

With the Don's power waning, and each party harbouring his own ulterior motives, the conversation at dinner takes them to places they could never have imagined.

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What do you do when the girl you love doesn't love you back? Murder is always an option. A birth injury takes control of a man who transforms into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde murderer. Truth is stranger than fiction when a young tennis pro woos and wins the wife of the world's most famous author.

Curious old Mrs Walker investigates the death of the local barmaid when the killer dumps the body in her back garden. Jackie Plumm is the hottest television star of , but when he turns up murdered, it's up to Buddy Barker, his comedy stooge, to find out who wanted his boss dead: the mob, the government, or one of his co-workers. In the six years I spent looking for David Alamont, it never occurred to me that I might actually find him. Two thousand dollars richer and with a dead client, John LeGrand must now find what happened. When Jed Pinto unlocks his subconscious, his muse paints a scene of rare interest to a most unusual patron.

While on vacation, a sweet pair of senior citizens turn the tables on the world's worst serial killer. A down-and-out millennial scours dark bars searching for an estranged friend who has disappeared into thin air. Private Investgator Adam Pike's latest case strains him to the breaking point as he pits himself against bullets, mobsters, and a failed case from his time on the job that cost an innocent girl her life. It's a whirlwind marriage for Cory Moss. Then his wife dies of a drug overdose and he's the only suspect.

A PI travels to east Texas in search of a missing young man but finds more than he bargained for. Two career kidnappers approach their last grab, but their loss of nerve may cost them everything. Crags was determined to face life - and death - on the streets the same way he did in war.

Two groups of street performers who are jockeying for prime position in The French Quarter of New Orleans both try to court the unnamed narrator to inflict damage upon the other group. Two L. Real secret agents lead lives full of intrigue, and danger. But when a spy goes missing, could it be because of bad reading habits?

The widows of three drowned sailors plot to extract restitution from the miserly ship owner by stealing a valuable piece of ambergris. Merrill Ross has never been lucky—and now that his plan to escape his gambling debts has failed, he finds himself fighting for his life. A Roman soldier's gruesome murder threatens the legion's honor and a precarious peace with a conquered, but still hostile Celtic tribe. A hitman gets more than he bargained for when he accepted a job to take out a guy named Nick.

A Native American sheriff gets some unlikely help solving a murder mystery -- from the ghost of Billy the Kid. Warren Pace is the CIA's most senior field agent, and has a wealth of experience—if he can remember it. When Lord Imhotep's cook is found murdered, it sets of a chain of events that his young cousin Anitepsut seeks to unravel before a friend loses her life. A canoe trip on a swollen river, a baby lost, a new husband with a love for campsites with high vistas--what else could a woman want to become unencumbered? A fictional tale based on a factual lighthouse islanded a mile off coast, where the four keepers tending to this seaward lamp begin to distrust and suspect one another of strange happenings when no man claims the actions as his own.

Years after Florence's two friends disappear into the woods, one returns to her life, forcing her to confront her flawed memories of that fateful day. When they suspect a coworker of cheating in the office dead pool, two experts in risk take a big chance to try to catch a killer. A couple make their living targeting lonely hearts for easy cash, but nothing's ever easy in a world of lies, greed, and jealousy. Sherlock Holmes must find who is responsible for a man's death The second most gruesome start of an investigation that Sherlock Holmes ever conducted!

The Adventure of the Missing Princess. Frederick Treves enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes to investigate the suspicious death of his famous patient,. Murder will not lie easy in Ellen Cobble's knot of lies, secrets, and the supernatural. A rookie cop investigates the mysterious slayings of Rodney Rhodes, Tillie and Jacqui Gleason, and trips up a cunning killer. He stole some money from a mobster.

Now he has to steal enough to pay it back, or die trying. Trapped in a cycle of violence and manipulation, a British crime writer takes the knife into his own hands. When a fellow member fails to upload his fitness data at the end of their group's weekly challenge, other members want to know why. An old man receives a letter that threatens to expose the dark secret of his past.

A Vietnam veteran has to escort a competitive eater to a contest in Philadelphia, but what they don't know might hurt them. In the days before World War I, German saboteurs succeed in blowing up the munitions stored on Black Tom Island, but they fail to reckon with librarian Beatrice Winser. A young woman is abducted by an artist who uses his paintings to enlist her aid against an imminent threat.

Old man takes law into his own hands and District Attorney finds a way to cover up the murder. Death of a Pickerel Princess. A small town sheriff investigating a ritualistic homicide finds links to a similar crime that has remained unsolved for twenty years. A mafia defector is rightfully paranoid for his life, after he agrees to cooperate with the FBI. Who better to stage a haunted Victorian than tree-hugging, vegetarian, observant-of-detail interior designer Becki Green? Park ranger Neil Brody has his hands full when anarchists attending a nearby music festival commit potentially murderous mayhem at a park campground.

An inmate at Attica state prison recalls the tragic events of a summer night in Harlem. Detective Mark Gibbon cleans up a few last details before retirement by shooting a deacon at the cathedral. When a greenhorn Brit tries to outwit the laws of physics, frontier law responds. Divorce turns deadly in Bitter End when serial bride Louise Tellier Hannington Brown hires her best friend to assess her husband's A suicide's widow searches for her friend, a hoarder and a bridesmaid from her wedding.

In a document put into a time capsule, a man describes the events that led him to murder his father. Max Kalb, deli counterman in Brooklyn, NY, finds himself involved in a missing person case that six of his mobbed up regular customers may have done. Katherine Carney keeps a dental appointment she won't forget--and won't remember.

Forest fires are devestating, destroying everything in their path, but but when the fire passes, new life grows. The story of a paranoid busy-body who decides his new neighbour is a serial killer. But could he be right? A Clue With a Double Meaning. A priest serving a parish in a Korean village offers himself as bait to nab a killer.

A PI's exwife dies leaving two and possibly three wills, and he's suckered into figuring out which is the authentic one. Elderly widow Helen McKinnon leads a quiet life now that she's retired, but discovering a child in her backyard with sinister connections may change that. A reporter investigates the murder of an escape artist who was shot to death while inside a sealed coffin.

The Chicago Blade's homeless freelance newspaper reporter finds himself covering front-page news in suburban Gravel City. A detective must use her wits and modern technology when a criminal catches her tailing him. Struggling to come to terms with a recent breakup, a college student planned the perfect murder, or so he thought. An Ohio private investigator seeks a runaway girl in Florida, but when he discovers the sordid circumstances of her death, he decides to get justice for her grieving parents.

A wealthy man is found murdered in his locked bedroom and it's up to Detective Tubert to figure out how the seemingly impossible murder was committed and by which of his heirs. A possessive man warns his wife against peeping pervs while preparing for his own evening of peeping.

Neglected by her parents, a lonely girl idolises a police officer and tries to solve the murder of her teacher. The Case of the Vanishing Unicorns. When a herd of unicorns go missing, it's up to Sheriff Dan Morgan to sift through a cast of colorful suspects to find the real thief. A lady believes information she has given has led to the end of a serial killer's reign. Could there be a connection between a wealthy woman's home development project and the jewelry thefts in her neighborhood? Playing stand-in for a famous Hollywood actress should have been the role of a lifetime.

PRIDE & PREJUDICE by Jane Austen - FULL AudioBook 🎧📖 - Greatest🌟AudioBooks

The Nearly Ruined Thanksgiving. What's Thanksgiving without almost everyone's favorite dish? Potentially deadly, Becca learns, when her aunt's cranberries go missing. When her father is murdered, Molly Capriccioso is considered the prime suspect, but for the record she had nothing to do with it. When a madam hires Jack Gardner to avenge one of her girls, Gardner learns that power and money always insulate the rich from the consequences of their actions.

Julius Caesar has to solve a client's murder quickly or risk the collapse of his political career. After her Episcopal Priest boss is murdered, the secretary learns some lessons about pride. The Bochent Street Bridge Club. Abel needs to sell the Volvo—but the dead man in the trunk makes it evidence until his murder is solved. An English professor, shot dead in his office -- a violent dispute over academic disciplines, or something more prosaic, and more sinister? A mystery short story by Nikki Dolson.

A father and daughter reunite but there aren't any hugs or happy endings to be found. About Subscribe Submit Books Contact. Buick An intelligent? By Bob Tippee. The Other Woman A nosy neighbor gets more than she bargained for when she believes she spots an affair across the street. By Michael Thomas Smith. Interdiction Who can you trust? Is anyone who they appear to be? By Michael A. A Locked Co-op Mystery The mayor was alone in the locked apartment where his family had once lived. By Merrilee Robson.

Russian Dolls A psychological thriller told from the perpetrator's own twisted imagination. By Eliot Hudson. Squeezer and Bongo When the loathsome bully from your high school days traipses into your successful law office babbling about murder, are you sorry he is the suspect and not the victim? By Terrie Farley Moran. The Calm Judgment and crime go together. By Ken Hueler. The Box What happens when a cop gets tunnel vision and only sees one suspect: You. By Paul D. By Rob Nisbet. I'm Heather On his second day with the Computer Crimes Unit, a disturbing email propels Sergeant Hagen into a journey to the painful past--and a murder on Skeleton Hill.

By Thomas Millstead. Gold, Jewels, Art, My Father David's father has hinted at family treasure buried in the backyard … After David's father dies, he returns home to dig. By David Rachels. By Jeffery Scott Sims. Storey Great artists sometimes have messy personal lives. By Eric Cline. Evidence A Crime Scene tech steals incriminating evidence from a crime scene, then uses it to blackmail the criminal. By Dennis Palumbo. The Persistence of Illusion When Detective Harry Sturgis finds himself stuck with a twenty-five-year-old case, the last thing he expects is to get himself killed.

By Bond Elam. One Night at the Pine Lake Motel Two pro wrestlers and one disbelieving spectator collide on a hot summer night at a seedy Alabama motel. By Blu Gilliand. Tangerines and Wild Garlic During the university holidays Sarah travels back to Ben's hometown to meet his family, but when she finds herself in the midst of a town tradition is everything what it seems?

By Steve Toase. Andromeda Smiled Retired detective Charlie Kane is lured from his solitude to reprise his role as a famous gumshoe. Honey's Turn Honey's Turn is a twisted his and her love story and what happens when a good love goes really, really bad. K O'Connor After a once-adored professional boxer shows up dead it's up to detectives Molly Fetterly and Jim Biggins to find the killer, but they'll soon realize the killer was closer to the victim then they could've initially imagined.

By Mike McHone. Let's Talk Toxins When Etta turns to Otto in bed and tells him she poisoned his dinner, Otto, who enjoys a good joke as much as anyone, decides to play along. By Martin Zeigler. Antiques An aging actress vanishes on the day of her th birthday. By Gregory L. The Truth of the Matter After the death the town engraver, his son and daughter-in-law receive mysterious, engraved messages suggesting someone in town has a secret. By Gina Burgess. By BV Lawson. Finishing Off Gammie When Harry Fredder decides to kill his mother-in-law things don't go exactly as planned.

By Stan Dryer. By Josh Pachter.

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Runners Three desperate fugitives from a Soviet gulag arrive cold and hungry at a trapper's cabin high in the mountains. By Don McLellan. Hello, Cupcake! By Alan Orloff. The Vulnerable Rind A young Italian carabinieri officer launches an unofficial investigation into a series of trivial break-ins at a small cheesemonger's shop in Rome, with troubling results. By Joseph D'Agnese. Blood Poisoning Laurel told her father not to get married. By Joe Giordano. The Word Rennie, a homeless drunk, is coerced into helping a strange woman get rid of a killer cop.

By Bill Connor. Playdate How far will a mother go to protect her child? By Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton. By Michael Guillebeau. By Buzz Dixon. Nine Lives A man discovers that his past isn't so easily forgotten when a former associate returns. Tendy Shirley's dog Tendy keeps her company through thick and thin. By John Bosworth. Four-Hundred Miles of Bad Road Three narratives weave throughout this depression era noir that explores poverty, race, and deadly compulsions. Gunned Down Nepotism is never a good thing, especially when a small-time gang plans multiple bank robberies. By Bruce Harris.

The Missing Slippers Larry thinks that his biggest problem is his missing slippers, until he discovers that his car is gone. Outrace The Snowfall A hated billionaire, a snowed-in mountaintop mansion, and a fresh supply of poison—what could go wrong? By Dave Creek. The Brew When a rock star visits his home town, his best friend teeters on the edges of sobriety and murder.

By Connie Johnson Hambley. By Andrew Welsh-Huggins. Rolls Upon Prank Even in sleepy backyards, guarded by the timid and the well-fed, murders can be committed By Jeff Somers. Invisible Death A gothic mystery in the golden-age tradition, inspired by the work of John Dickson Carr.

Split Chain Stitch Moving to a new town is stressful. By Dennis E. A Shift at the Bluebird Emerald Love, country music star and shapeshifter, drops in at the legendary Bluebird and gets more than the music: a duet with Nashville's next singing sensation, a stolen song, and murder. By Elizabeth Zelvin. By Adele Gardner. Tree Dweller A quirky girl convinces her friends they have spectacular powers. By Thomas K.

The Very First Detective: The Killing Stone A series of controversial prehistoric paintings on stone tablets recently discovered in a secret cave complex in the Pyrenees reveals the workings of the very first detective. By Nik Morton. The Inimitable Affair Sherlock Holmes works to prevent a scandal that could rock the very foundation of Victorian England by destroying the reputation of one of the era's most respected and beloved figures, who cannot defend himself.

By Michael Mallory. A Death in Tadcaster What if a Miss Marple-type of detective is not as sweet and innocent as she seems? By Tim McDaniel.

The Beekeeper's Dilemma Faced with minding his own business or not, the old beekeeper proves that old habits die hard. By Eric B. The Beginning of the Final Problem A locked-room mystery, with a brief pre-history of Holmes's arch-enemy, in which a young Bertrand Russell imported from Cambridge to London for the purposes of the story is featured in a cameo role. Coal Black Haint A young girl takes to the hills in rural Appalachia, but never comes back. By Chris McGinley. By Robert Mangeot. Teddy Baer's Picnic Dessert King Teddy Baer intends to retire and name his successor at his 65th birthday picnic, but his daughter Bronwyn and his several ex-wives decide to stage a hostile take-over.

By Steve Liskow. Lightning Police Chief Mike Ryan is having a hard night: a child has disappeared with no trace, an old enemy has just been released from prison, and a huge storm is on its way. By John M. Doctored Justice An aspiring novelist comes across evidence that a man on death row may be innocent of the crime that put him there.

By Earl Staggs. The Money Mattress JD was skeptical that the rich old woman kept her money in a mattress, but people did crazy things. By Joseph S. It's All Relative Young high school student gets beat up by a policeman and he thinks his beloved and idolized uncle betrayed him. By Jerry Cronin. Family Matters Just your typical family reunion on a beautiful summer day. By Darren O. The Cold Hunt A mysterious death in the Russian wilderness.

By Ken Brosky. Bernal Heights Bobby Coldiron is a man on a mission. Temptation Square Evil lurks inside the tourist destination of Temptation Square and only one lonely private investigator cares. By Leland Neville. Cap Device He was a brother policeman, so Dan Sullivan was inclined to give him a break, to extend some professional courtesy. By Jim Doherty. Black Bear Country When an elderly couple rent a cabin in the Canadian wilderness for their vacation, the ravenous blackflies prove to be the least of their worries. By Rosemary McCracken.

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Fader's Crates While the search for a young girl continues in a small rural town, a mysterious stranger hires a mentally challenged man to build him crates. By Caroline Misner. No Quarters Late at night in a laundromat, an unusual encounter occurs. By Leslie Elman. Locked Tight A forgetful sheriff leads an eccentric group of characters trying to solve three puzzling murders. By Peter DiChellis. Rock on the Rocks The Head of Security and a homicide detective investigate the disappearance of a road crew member from a concert in a Reno casino. By Lance Dean. Lady Dick Samantha was a spy and assassin in the war.

By Tony Parker. Mop Jockey After witnessing a hate crime on the graveyard shift, a janitor takes it upon himself to seek retribution and blurs the line between justice and revenge. By Michael Ayoob. By John H. By Jennifer Collins Moore. By Melodie Campbell. By Peter W. The Line of Doodee Someone has tried to kill a famous mob figure. By Jazz Lawless. Siren's Song A s detective is haunted by a legend from the deep. By Troy Seate. The Zombie Dongle Smart car technology is growing by leaps and bounds; but what if that technology leaps into terrorism?

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By Cecily Winter. Jump Cut A househusband keeps the home fire burning, while his hard working wife is out committing armed robbery. By Craig Terlson. A Helping Hand When a middle-aged man wakes to find a piece of himself missing, he is determined to find out why it happened. By Jody Wenner. By Edward Musto.

The Gunfighters Two gut-shot gunslingers try to solve a mystery without moving an inch. By Michael Cebula. The Wrath of a Writer Wronged An aging writer of crime fiction ends up becoming the hardboiled inspector he so often writes about out of necessity well, perhaps out of vengeance. By Gregory Cioffi. Smokin' Hot Cash When an L. By David M. Kindness When a stranger moves in across the street and threatens his family, a mild-mannered middle aged man must dig deep within himself to discover what he stands for.

By Tom Hallman Jr. The Price of Friendship Ted Milner, divorced, broke, and living in a shabby motel, learns that his neighbor has struck it rich. By Mike Murphy. Love on the Rocks While tending bar, Karin reads the lips of two men planning a murder. The Woman Who Sat on a House While she was housesitting for a friend in an unfamiliar neighborhood, people-watching seemed like a perfectly harmless pastime for an amateur sleuth.

Queen And Country An ultra-valuable tropical spider has popped up in the French badlands, where no tropical spider should ever survive. The Lexicon Case An investigator goes undercover to discover why four ex-employees of the Lexicon Corporation committed crimes they do not remember committing. By Michael T. Low Budget Mystery Story Talk is cheap, but stories are expensive. Bag Man An ambulance crew is summoned to a lonely street where they find a bullet-ridden ambulance. By Martin Hill Ortiz.

I Gave Them the Finger A man finds a finger in his front yard and investigates the neighborhood to find the owner. By Chad Lutzke. On A Two-Way Street By Gary Cahill. A Letter for the Bayou Old detectives never die—they retire, become poets, and try for the quiet life. By Craig A. My Favorite Fungus Small towns are simple places. By Justin Rempel. Magic Cat and the Girl in the Shadows While entertaining at a child's birthday party, a young woman becomes embroiled in the secrets of suburbia.

By Jack Bates. Arthur Kill A retired cop has his doubts about his ex-wife's death The International Marketing Incident An uptight assistant in the International Marketing department of a major Hollywood movie studio has to overcome his natural insecurities when his roommate is accused of murder.

By Ricky Sprague. By Tim Major. The Adventure of the Dead Frog When a controversial specimen is taken from a locked vault, every scientist is a suspect. By Carlos Orsi. One and Done When an elderly birdwatcher witnesses a murder, the killer sets out to eliminate him. By Arthur Carey. Or so it seems…. By Lawrence Buentello. Mrs Walker and the Poisonous Punch Mrs Walker hates Christmas parties, but when one of the guests dies, the party becomes a lot more interesting than she bargained for. By Katie Ginger. By Michael McGlade.

True Love Is it true love or something much more sinister? By Steve Shrott. Sammy A life is at stake and Hal and three friends must take extreme measures or the blood will be on their hands. By Laura Gianino. Ailanthus on Patchin Place An elderly woman enlists her delivery boy in the search for a crying child.

By Claude Chabot. The Sugar Witch When a failed history professor falls in love with a bad witch he discovers that sometimes fortune does favor the bold. Only We Know There's a new kid at school. And she's not laughing. By Stef Donati. The Last Evil A woman with a nefarious sense of fun meets her match on a train. By David Vardeman. Her Father's Killer In the s, a young woman returns to her Appalachian town to avenge her father's murder. Search for Bread Lust, money and a recipe for murder. By Edward Palumbo. A Passionate Belief in Ghosts What happens when two famous authors discuss the existence of ghosts at dinner in a London flat and they are joined by a noted third female author.

By Tom Tolnay. By Debra H. By Vincent W. The So-Called Yoga Instructor The part-time yoga instructor at an active retirement community is murdered in a fellow resident's apartment. By John Hearn. The Mechanical Detective In a Victorian London substantially different from the one we know, no consulting sleuth is as extraordinary as Ponder Wright, the mechanical detective. By John Longenbaugh. Who Made Sherlock's Clay Pipe? At long last, the maker of Sherlock Holmes's clay pipe is revealed. By Ralph E. Digital subscriptions are available across all devices and include all regular issues released during your subscription.

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